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ISBN : 2221202953

Nombre de pages : 418 Sidan

Date de sortie :2017-11-23

Auteur : Patrick STEFANINI

Éditeur :Robert Laffont

À propos de l auteur :Patrick STEFANINI

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Deflagration (Lat: de flagrare, "to burn down") is subsonic bustion propagating through heat transfer; hot burning material heats the next layer of cold material and ignites it.Most "fires" found in daily life, from flames to explosions such as that of black powder, are deflagrations.This differs from detonation, which propagates supersonically through shock waves, de posing a substance bustion (burning) is a process by which energy is released. Deflagration and detonation are two ways energy may be released. If the bustion process propagates outward at subsonic speeds (slower than the speed of sound), it's a deflagration. If the explosion moves outward at supersonic speeds (faster than the speed of sound), it's detonation. Deflagration definition, to burn, especially suddenly and violently. See more. Noun: 1. deflagration bustion that propagates through a gas or along the surface of an explosive at a rapid rate driven by the transfer of heat Did You Know? Deflagrate bines the Latin verb flagrare, meaning "to burn," with the Latin prefix de , meaning "down" or "away."Flagrare is also an ancestor of such words as conflagration and flagrant and is distantly to fulgent and flame.In the field of explosives, deflagrate is used to describe the burning of fuel accelerated by the expansion of gasses under the pressure of Deflagration vs Detonation Both of these are types of exothermic processes occurring in slightly different natures. term ‘exothermic’ refers to the release of energy to the surrounding. Both deflagration and detonation are ways of how the flow of heat and energy is being directed when dealing with busting reactions. bustion is a “chemical […] Déflagration

A chemical reaction ac panied by vigorous evolution of heat, flame, sparks, or spattering of burning particles. Deflagration. Deflagration is a surface phenomenon with the reaction proceeding towards the non reacted material, usually petrol, along the surface at subsonic velocity. 1 action of heating a substance until it burns away rapidly. Example sentences ‘Other times, depending on the casement, whether it is plastic or metal, especially metal, it will do low order detonation, or what we call deflagration.’ ‘Very few blast resistant windows installed during the A detonation generates greater pressures and is more destructive than a deflagration. A deflagration is a fire in which a flame travels rapidly, but at subsonic speed, through a gas. Deflagration is an explosion in which the speed of burning is lower than the speed of sound in the surroundings